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Saturday, January 19, 2019

Go wild on expedition cruises on Canada's west coast and the Brazilian Amazon

   Out to Sea for Jan. 19/19

   (c) By Jim and Barb Fox

   Cruising “off the beaten path” is gaining in popularity as cruisers seek to explore rarely seen sights with just a few of their “friends.”
   Canada gets its first “luxury expedition ship” on the west coast – Cascadia, a 138-foot catamaran for 24 guests.
   As well, Naturetours.com, a small ship expedition company that sails further into the Amazon than any other line, is re-launching its signature vessel, the Motor Yacht Tucano.

A grizzly bear is sighted on a Maple Leaf Adventures west coast sailing. (Greg Shea photo)
   Maple Leaf Adventures, based in Victoria, B.C., describes Cascadia as being “very small” but with spacious cabins, unlike polar region ships.
   The company provides “remarkable journeys, engaging people and wild spaces” for boutique expedition cruises in British Columbia and Alaska,” said publicist Maureen Gordon.
   The “truly wild luxury cruises” are in response to travellers’ discovery of the experiential benefits of expedition cruising such as in Antarctica, she added.
   It’s an opportunity for savvy cruisers to explore B.C. wonders on a 138-foot catamaran.