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Saturday, November 17, 2018

Hurricanes and stormy seas haven't detered cruise ships from the popular Caribbean ports

   Out to Sea for Nov. 17/18

   By Jim and Barb Fox

   Anchors aweigh is exactly what’s happening as more ships are plying the clear blue waters of the Caribbean and Bahamas.
   Even with the three back-to-back hits in two weeks last year from hurricanes, that part of the world retains its claim as one of the top cruise destinations.
  Cuba is also continuing to grow in visits by both ships and passengers.
Celebrity and Disney ships disembark thousands of passengers at a Caribbean port. (Jim Fox photo)
   Many new ships including those with thousands of passengers coming into service have Caribbean itineraries for year-round, seasonal and splitting with Alaska during prime season.
   There are more than 235 ships with 27-million passengers visiting the Caribbean annually.
   The numbers are sure to grow as cruise lines have on order 50 new ocean-going vessels able to carry 220,000 passengers over the next 10 years.
   As for the largely irrational mood of the hurricanes, many ports were spared significant damage.
   Cruise Critic website said “most islands with cruise ports made a swift recovery, working to bring tourism dollars back into the economy just weeks after the storms.”
   It reports the “good news is that every single Caribbean cruise port is open and welcoming cruise ships and visitors.”