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Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Norwegian Star's crew rescues six people on a disabled yacht in the Atlanic Ocean

ATLANTIC OCEAN – June 26, 2012 -- At approximately 8 a.m. today, Norwegian Star responded to a call from the U.S. Coast Guard who had received a distress notification from Avenir, a sailing yacht, stating that they had lost their rudder and their ability to steer.
Avenir was located approximately 54 nautical miles from Norwegian Star in the Atlantic Ocean.  Norwegian Star’s Captain Kenneth Harstrom immediately diverted course to rescue the three men and three women aboard.

Upon reaching the Avenir at noon, Norwegian Star’s crew worked to rescue the passengers and quickly transfer all six occupants on board the ship.

At approximately 1 p.m., the sailing yacht passengers and rescue team were all safely aboard Norwegian Star.  The ship which was sailing from New York City to Bermuda continued on its route and will arrive Wednesday morning, June 27 as scheduled.

According to the captain of the Avenir, the group left Bermuda on June 24, 2012 and was delivering the Avenir to Bristol, Rhode Island.
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