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Saturday, September 9, 2017

Canadian Maritimes named safest port in the world for cruisers

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   Out to Sea column for September 9/17

   (c) By Jim and Barb Fox

   In a world where tensions are rising, cruise travellers are looking for a safe haven.
   Canadians don’t have to search too far as a survey finds Canada’s Maritimes is the safest cruise destination in the world.
   “This peaceful corner of Canada offers bucolic pastures, exceptional seafood and scenery galore,” writes Chris Gray Faust, senior editor of the Cruise Critic website.
A young fiddler entertains the cruise ship crowds at Peggy’s Cove, N.S. (Jim Fox photo)
   She acknowledges that cruises do go to places “that some consider risky,” such as European capitals, the Middle East, Africa and Asia.
   Even Alaska has the risk of bears but her list of the safest cruise destinations is “where you can leave most of your worries behind.”
   Cruise vacations are among the safest but even so, today’s “safe haven may be tomorrow’s ugly headline,” she commented.
   The Maritime provinces are downright friendly with many ports such as Charlottetown, Saint John and Halifax being small, and some, such as Sydney, Nova Scotia, having local greeters meet the ship.
   The biggest risk in this part of the world is “falling in love and not wanting to leave,” she suggests.
   The list of seven safe cruise ports continues with the Baltic in second place.